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My boyfriend is a heroin addict who is currently serving time in prison because of it. He was on parole for another charge (related to his heroin addiction) and then after a few months of being clean, he went back to using. Well, needless to say, they locked him up because of it. All I can say about it is prison has literally saved his life. I am not telling you to go to prison or anything like that. I know that my b/f went to rehab centers, only to leave them. He told me over and over that he needed to be somewhere that he couldn't leave in order to kick it. Well, he is still locked up (could be for 1 year, we are not sure) but he is clean. Have you ever thought about methadone? It is just as addictive of course, (if not more) but it gives you time to get your life back together again. I am not saying to definitely do it, only you can make that decision, but just knowing you have a problem doesn't always solve the problem. My b/f once told me that he had been to so many rehab centers, and he had searched within himself over and over again to try and figure out what it was about him that makes him use, to no avail. Having an addiction doesn't necessarily mean that you have mental problems, or had a bad childhood, or anything like that. Sometimes you just do something stupid (like the first time you used) and you are completely screwed after that. I am sure there are reasons that caused you to use the first time, who knows. But your priority right now is getting off the drug. That is the first step, and it is not easy at all. I really don't have any answers. NA/AA is wonderful for some people, but doesn't work for all. Just like methadone. It just depends on the person. I hope can find a way to kick this. Heroin destroys the addict, and the addicts family. Please do what it takes to get yourself clean! Once you are physically clean, you do WHATEVER it takes to stay that way! As hard as it will seem the first few days or weeks, it will get easier.