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You have the IDENTICAL problem I had! What U do not need to do [what I did] is get on Methadone maintance program, If I knew now what I thought I knew then, It only takes about 7 rough days to get off VicodinES, Even the amount your taking, But You HAVE to monotor your blood pressure, and take something to help your stomach out, you WILL be VERY sick by the 3rd day, BUT look at it this way, if you can get through the 3rd through the 7th day, you will be getting back to normal, I didnt listen to my Dr. He gave my blood pressure medication, phenergan supositors - for the stomach aches] and xanax to help, but he said I had to quit taking the vicodin cold turkey and take those 3 medications and then the withdrawls will not be as hard on me, BU TNO, I HAD TO GET ON METHADONE! BIG NISTAKE! It is 101% harder to get off, you cannot just go cold turkey, or u will die, it is 100% more addictive that vicodin, they [ at the methadone clinic] had me believeing that my withdrawls will go away, yes they did, but I was substituting the methadone for the vicodin, If I was in your shoes [I wish I was just addicted to Vicdin and NOT methadone] I would take the medication your Dr gave u, and go through 1 week of withdrawls, then you will be off of the crap, and GO TO SUPPORT AGROUPS, addiction is 90% only in your mind, 10% of it is ONLY the PHYSICAL part. It is true, try this my friend, and do not screw-up like I did, It will only take you a 7 day week to do this! and you can do it!!!!
Detoxing off methadone will not cause you to die. With any addiction it is possible, but it is not the evil thing you are making it out to be. Methadone works for people that are at their wits end. It gives them their lives back.
Just checking to see how your doing so far. My husband and I recently decided to get our lives back and get off the pills. It was tough.......miserable actually....but it's amazing how much better you start to feel after about a week of hell! You can actually focus and think better. Their isn't the haze anymore. Thats the only way I can describe it. Take comfort in knowing that with each day that passes, it will get easier and you will feel soooo much better. Energy will return and believe it or not, you will be in a "good mood" again too! I myself am glad to hear that you didnt go the "methadone" route. Sure it does save lives, but it is an extremely addictive drug with much worse withdrawl symptoms and it is truly a drug that you CANNOT detox off yourself. You have to have help. I dont mean to sound like some B*tch who knows it all but I am very familiar with this method. My sister is a nurse in one of these clinics. I visit her from time to time and have come to know many who go there for help. Thing is, most of these people are still going there.....and it has been anywhere from 5 to 9 years since they got off of the heroin or pills or whatever their drug of choice was and got on the methadone. They all say the same thing......."it would be easier for me to come off of a heroin addiction i had for 10 years than it is coming off of this stuff......" They all pretty much have the same regret..that they chose the methadone route. Once addicted to methadone, you CAN die from sudden withdrawl. I have seen it happen. People in their late 20's suddenly going into cardiac arrest. So sandman, you have made the right choice. You are already well on your way to being "normal" again. I have to agree that "na" groups will be a big help to you in keeping your motivation up and your head straight while trying to stay clean.That saying is so true.... "Once and addict always an addict"....you will have good and bad days. Even months from now. Just do your best to get thru the bad and remember how hard it was to take that first step to recovery and how awful you felt during that week. Do you really wanna go thru that again? Sometimes thats enough to deter you from falling back.
Best of luck to you and please let me know how its going for you. So many of us know what it's like to live in the demonic world of pain pill addiction and how hard it is to overcome it as well. You can do it and you can stick to it. I have had to go to the dentist for the past month now and havent gone....I know what has to be done and I know along with that will come the pain meds.......its been 3 months and i still dont feel I am strong enough to say "No I dont need them".....so I havent gone. It will be a struggle for the rest of our lives...but it will get easier.....I can promise you that.

Take care of yourself,

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Maybe you have to be withdrawing off a drug like heroin to understand what methadone can do. Hearing about it from a nurse or something doesn't count. When addicts are at their wits end (and not buying off the internet) it is a completely different lifestyle. When you are going to the streets, day after day, thats when methadone comes in handy. It is not the miracle of all miracles, but when you really have a problem, methadone can be a live saver. If you have to wonder what is going to happen to you day after day, when you have to go to the streets, when you are wondering if you are going to get busted in a drug house, that is very different then getting on the computer and buying prescription drugs. Anyone that says methadone is not a true form of recovery, is not the addict that NEEDS it. If you can give up a drug on your own, and not look back, then you don't need methadone. BUT, if you are trying to get your life back, methadone is another way to go. There is nothing wrong with methadone. It might not be the first choice, but when you come to the end of your rope, without methadone, what would you do?????? Just because you are on a drug to curb your addiction, does not make you less of a person. Anyone that says methadone is a horrible thing, needs to remember what it was like on the strees. If they can't remember that, then they don't remember what it's like to be an addict.
Sandman, Good for you amigo, you stay away from that sheit and live your life in real motion, I was/am still addicted and have been for over thirty years. Why, the "OpiateSurvivor" screen name? Because I have faith, and I will survive this stuff one way or another. I'm a Methadone user, the debate and ins and outs of methadone are ongoing. True it replaces one addiction with another. For some it's the only way they can climb out of the drug & haze world they find themselves in. It's a start, once off the street it allows one some semblance of a normal life and in doing this, allows them to experience a life without the panic of having to use and find the cash for using daily. This has led many a good man and woman to do thing they would never normaly do, so before talking the critical talk of a detox plan like Methadone, you would have to walk the walk of an addict. Each persons experience is different and therefore each persons detox is also different. Peace and blessings to all trying to get back their lives.

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