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I have alternatly taken vicodin (hydrocodone) and percacet (oxycodone) for 5 years as well. I have always known about the risk of hurting my liver but needed them for pain management. I have 500mg/pill of tylanol in my vicodin or percacet and I take 2 pills 4 to 6 times a day. When I talked to my dr. about how long I have been on this medicine and potential liver damage he perscribed me straight oxycodone 5mg pills with no tylanol in them. That is a possible alternative. The medicines are related in the same family but are different classes of narcotics. I am looking at going on methadone soon because I can't continue to take percacet and vicodin forever and they are only helping the pain a little bit. I was told the methadone would help pain alot more. I hope you find something soon to help you. goodluck.