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Hi friend,
Just read your predicament, sounds like a real bummer. Don't feel alone cause you are not by any means. I suggest that you wean yourself off SLOWLY because sooner or later the doc's are gonna figure it all out and they WILL CUT YOU OFF!! It's amazing what our brains tell us we need because of pain, (my pain was just from living daily no accidents!!) but really when the doc finally cuts you off beleive me...you will run for 10 miles to get your drug and not even think about any pain in your body!! only getting more dope!!! its a horrible merry go round. I know because I have been using opiates for the last 30 years. Sometimes I just feel like moving to England, at least herion is legal there. My move has been to get on to methadone.....but if your an addict, and you are..there is no sure way of saying that will protect you from your disease (addiction) either. Ah!! so depressing at times.. my prayers are with you sis.

Take care,