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I certainly am not an authority on any of this, but, a friend of mine went to a clinic to stop using pain killers and they placed her on methadone. I know she has stopped the pain meds. but, is she trading one drug for another?
Also, has anyone tried massive dosages of vitamins when coming down off drugs? Such as vitamin B-12? I take about 20 vitamins a day......B-12, C, E, folic acid, Ginseng and others. I take these vitamins to wart off Alzheimers......whether it will help or not. I know vitamins give me energy and help me to eat.
It is worth a try and maybe the withdrawals will not be as long and it won't hurt to say a prayer.
Thank you all for your posts. You have all been very helpful. Just wanted to let you know that I have come to 2 conclusions within the past 24 hours. 1-my physical addiction is to hydrocodone, but psychologically, I'm addicted to pretty much any painkiller that will give me a buzz. I figured that out b/c for the past week I have had bad cravings (even when taking a percacet) and been shaky and sweaty, but yesterday I took a vicoden for the first time in about a week, and it was the 1st time I felt normal. So that explained a lot about the cravings. But the yesterday, I guess b/c I finally had vicoden which I hadn't had in so long and found out that I prefer, I went a little overboard. I had 3 major final exams for school and was very stressed, so my husband allowed me 3 vicodens and 1 perc, and I ended up taking an extra vic. That ended up in a big fight, but that led me to my 2nd conclusion, which is that I think I'm finally ready to quit. The fact that I've become disgusted with these pills because they're ruining my marriage, my anniversary, my birthday, christmas, and I'm sure plenty of other things, is helping. I'm so disgusted with myself and the pills that I'm not craving too bad. My husband bought me a Sun. through Mon. pill box and put pills for each day in to taper off. So now the self control and the timing and spreading them out is up to me. But I feel like I can really do it now. I'm not even sure I want to take all the pills in the box for each day. All your stories have been really helpful. Thank you.

Oh and to answer some of your questions. Methadone is similar to the painkillers I've been taking but much stronger, so that would actually be worse. That's usually used to get off heroin. Or maybe your friend was injecting pills or something.
Then, I know that painkillers are opiates like heroin. Actually what brought about the desire to stop between me and my husband is a couple that we are friends with. They take a lot of pills, about 100 in a weekend. And then we found out that they started snorting heroin. He said it was like taking 10 percacet, and that scared us both.I definately don't want to take it to that point. Thank you all. I'll let you know how it goes
Hi again need2,

You are right about the methadone. As far as detox goes it is used to 'maintain' addicts (so that they take the methadone which stops the physical withdrawals) and to detox addicts (they take them for a max. of about 7 days just to get over the worst of the withdrawals). The first way one is really just sub. the meth. for the heroin or whatever.

Funny thing - many chronic pain patients take methadone for pain control. It is supposed to be an excellent pain control and very effective for nerve pain.

Need2, it will take alot of will power for you to taper. Is your husband going to monitor things and give your meds. out day by day, or all at once in the pill case. You didn't ask my opinion, but if you did, I would suggest that he give them to you day by day.

One thing about tapering is that it is important to take enough meds. so that you DON'T go into withdrawal. Otherwise you may just as well go cold turkey as a taper with your body in withdrawal - I would think - would be worse for you. Your withdrawals might not be as bad but they will take a much longer time.

I'd also suggest finding some other friends. The last thing that a recovering addict needs is temptation and if the person beside you is snorting heroin I don't think that would be a good thing. You aren't taking a HUGE amount of drugs right now and you are very smart to get rid of this habit now. If you step up to stronger drugs stopping them is that much harder.

Good luck and please keep us posted!!