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I know that there are questions about detoxing off meth but i really havent found any other boards to be helpful.
My situaiton is this. I am currently involved with someone who is a heroin addict after being clean for 5 yrs he got caught up using again. Well after being in and out detox after detox after rehab after rehab he decided to go on Methadone for a while. Well he was at 60 then went up to 80 then went back to 60 then to 40. He has only been on the meth for 4 1/2 mos. He decided since he is about to have a child and has not worked that he would like to get his life back on track. He asked his dr to ween him off the meth which was apparently being done.(2mg a day) Well he took it upon himself to stop taking the meth and start doing H again just so the detox off meth wouldnt be so bad. He did the H for 2 weeks and saved his Meth. Well he has not gone to go get his dose of Meth in almost a week. But again he did have his backup. He weened himself off apparently just like they did in the rehabs. Well he has the normal kicking symptoms, insomnia, cramps, and he just started to vomit, once but enough to get his symptoms of kicking off and running. We have read that Buprenex helps someone kick Meth. Is there anyone out there that can help me help him. His family is supportive of him coming off the meth. FOr the last yr i have stuck by him as he has stole from his family, and spent whatever money he got on drugs. I have told him that there is a line that is drawn. He tends to think and tells me that is you love someone you are to stick by them no matter what, no mattre how many times they screw up. I disagree to a point. But he is dealing with this and i am extremly proud of him. I want to help him finally come over this hurdle. HELP!!!!

Well I just want to say thankyou. My boyfriend who I hope hit bottom and I kmow isnt a nice thing to say is back in rehab. Although he is thousands of miles away he is getting help from everything again. The methadone and the heroin. Via Buprenex. The cops were called to the house last week after Thanksgiving by him b/c his folks took all his money and he called the cops and told them that he wanted his money. Well things sure did a 360 when they got there. His father told the officers that he has probation and he wanted him out of the house. Well the officers basically left things alone, without giving his money back and said if you dont get help you are to leave the house and theree will be an order against you. Well the officers called a pastor and he found a place in FL. Well I am not happy with the pastor for many reasons none for being where he sent my bf, but for others. Anyhow, he was admitted Friday and has been there a few days. I was actually able to speak with him Sun. and he was doing really well. He plans on this being the last time he ever has to go and get help other than extensive outpatient. But I did tell him not to come back until he is completely brainwashed which is what they sometimes do in those places. He is optimistic and may or may not be back in time for the birth of his daughter but when he does come back he will be on the track of starting to feel normal again and starting a normal life. ALtho it might take a while, he will have someone occupying his time. I do not suggest anyone try and detox them self at home. It will just put you in circles. Even tho i have only been thru it 1 yr with my boyfriend and have seen what it can do. I can tell you first hand, get professional help. There are places out there that will take you if you are indegent. Just let them know. Good luck