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I haven't had a lortab in 10 days, Dr did liver function test and my numbers were bad. I can't remember them excatly as I was upset, when she told me the numbers were high, I thougt that was a good thing. Just to let everyone know, I rarly went over the 4000 mark but I was very close for many months. I have had tylenol or advil every day for and year and a half. I have to go for a liver ultrasound monday. I had trouble with my liver 7 years ago when I detoxed from alchol. It was swolen but dr said it would heal itself when I quit drinking. I wonder if it did. Also, My side hurts where my liver is, like I have been running a long time and got that catch in your side. Livers do hurt. So what can I expect? She still has me on Tylenol 3 doing a taper since I droped out of rehab and the rage and anxity is so bad my husband is ready to smack my head. :) He has never hit me. They had offed me methadone is this better for my liver. How much damage could it have done. Has anyone ever had this. I can remember the first number she gave me was suppose to be like 47 and mine was like 147. (((Sigh))) what have I done.