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For those of you in addiction, have you considered Methadone Clinics? I know of one that's great.
But then you go from one addiction to another!Methadone is a strong pain killer so why would you want to go from being addicted to one thing to being addicted to methadone?I can see if you were a heavy heroine user to get off of the heroine I guess.Just my opinion. Jerri
DCHC>>>>>>> why do you continually promote Methadone clinics? They are as bad as abortion clinics. They both wreak of death and deception.

I have never done well by means of methadone. It only compounded my addiction and allowed me to get high free and with minimal quilt. And if you ever get arrested it could be hell without the methadone. Not every jail will honor a methadone addicts need. I've seen way too many people sweat it out in jail detoxing, it gets nasty. Talk about a double enslavement.

What it did to my body in the long run was devastating. It destroys the teeth, liver, hair, nails and bones, just to name a few. In the end it destroys your life just as much as any other drug.

What we tend to forget is that whether it is crack, heroin , insulin or methodone, legal or illegal, if misused and abused they all have the potential to kill us and hurt those who love us.

Abstinence from substances unless absolutely needed is the only way I can go. I have too long a history of drug abuse. I am tired of starting over and over and over. It gets old once you get old. None of it is worth the real pain that addiction causes. I just as soon suffer with the pain than go through the hell of another relapse.
I disagree and support Methadone advocacy. I know of MANY people on Methadone for medical reasons, as well for maintenance. It would surprise you who is really on it, as that info is confidential. I know of several successful men in my community who are on it.

Would you rather have a higher percentage of addicts roaming the street or stealing pharmaceuticals?

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