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Hey Again

Ya, I hear ya - I think we took over this thread. Didn't mean to! Oh well, at this point, I wish others WOULD jump in, cuz frankly Bish, you just might be f*cked if you have no other resource other than your current doc.

I feel you on the tolerance issue. You're right, it doesn't take long for it to set in with the morphine, but I'm just not gonna suggest oxy's to anyone anymore simply because I don't wanna be responsible for them getting hooked on it, or even worse, ODing. If you didn't read Stacy Victor's post entitled "my husband died last night from an oxy overdose", please do. It's so damn sad. Also, I posted there, and revealed my own true story with oxy. Please read it if you haven't, and you'll see why I can no longer reccomend (sp?) it. My intake of it is insane, truly. I admitted sh*t in that post today that I've never told anyone, not even myself. I decided this morning that I'm gonna just stick to morphine. Truley Bish - please read what I wrote. It's really raw, and I was in tears of shame when I wrote it, but if it helps some other poor soul before thEy get hooked too, then it's worth the humiliation I feel.

Now, friend, what the hell to we do about you? Honestly, I'm at a loss. You said there's only one in your area, and it sucked? How big is your area. Are you willing to travel a bit to go to another clinic? I have friends that drive 50 - 100 miles to their pain docs. If not, then we're just gonna have to deal with your GP.

I don't know what to tell ya about asking him to put you on morph or oxy's without looking like a "seeker". All I can say is be honest. I mean at this point, what's left? Actually, I give both you and your doc credit. You were honest and gave him your true history (I would have omitted my addiction problems) and he wrote narcs for you even with his knowledge of your past. So, maybe you need to say "look doc, I'm getting tolerent to my meds, and we need to talk. I don't want to increase my daily intake without your approval, but my current schedule is not providing adequate relief. What do you think about a time released med? That way I take far less pills a day, and I have a more consistent level of relief. I'm having difficulty functioning throughout the day due to my pain".

Pick and choose what you want out of that conversation and go with it. The important thing is not to appear desperate, and don't name the med you're looking for. There are only a few options for time released meds.

I just had an epiphany!! What about methadone? I've heard it works awesome for pain, and stands up pretty well to the tolerence issue. My pharmacist suggested it to me when I told him my meds aren't doing sh*t for me anymore. God, why didn't I think of that before? Duh!! Even the old ladies inmy Fibromyalgia support group say it works for them. I've never used it, but now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I'll give that a shot. My GP is awesome. In the 10 years I've been seeing him, he's never said no to anything I suggested. When I couldn't afford the oxy's anymore, (no insurance) I asked him to switch to morphine cuz it was so much cheaper. He sinply said "ya, I can do that" without a second thought. That was two years ago. Methadone is even cheaper.

So, what do you think? Before I ramble on even more, I'll stop and get your thoughts so far.

Did you see the post from the PHd researcher? She's doing a study on heroin addicts, and why they seek help. She wants to know what makes them go get help. I left her a semi-sarcastic response. I don't know. I think it's kinda cheesy to come to an addiction board and drum up business for her research. I don't know - it just grates on me like an ambulance chasing lawyer.

Ok - it's 2:19 am of day 5 without sleep. If nothing else, I gotta get out of this damn chair before it becomes a permanent part of me.

Bish, please read my post in Stacy's thread about her husband dying from oxy. You told me more about yourself. Go over to that one and check out the real me. At least you'll see why I'm quitting the oxy's.

Good night and take care - D

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