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[QUOTE=lintek45;3225265]Hi wild thing.
wow! you're only 18 and you have to suffer like this? I'm so sorry of your diagnosis. how did they find yours?
are you doing anything different now that you have this diagnosis?
are you doing any special excerises or have you changed your diet?

I dont' want to accept my pain and I'm a fighter, but I"m seeing that I'm fighting this the wrong way. I have to do something about it but I procrastinate.
I still haven't gone to a rheumatolgoist thinking maybe it'll just go away.

but as each day passes and I wake up feeling so horrible, I realize I have to do something now.
this morning is especially hard on me. do you ever notice that when you do things like straighten up the house or your room or do anything you don't normally do on a daily basis that your body suffers the next couple days?

I had to put back together my office yesterday becasue on saturday they put in new counter tops. I had to put back everything that I had taken off the counters. it took me almost all day to do it because i have to answer phones too and greet patients.
well, I woke up this morning where my spine is so stiff and the back of my hip bone is killing me. my feet hurt when I put them on the floor which almost sent me back down on the back because I didn't expect the weakness and pain. it's never happened before. the pain is now in all my fingers and it's hard to grab things and hold them in my hands.
I feel like I am literally falling apart.
I am much older than you are age wise, but mind wise I still feel like I"m in my 20's. I don't like the way my body feels like it's aging at such a fast speed.
do you ever feel like that with your arthritis?
do you have to be careful with what physical things you do too so you dont' suffer the next few days?
what medication do they have you on if any?

what are you doing for support?

I"m here if you need to talk. I wasn't aware there was another reply to this post because I wasnt sent a notice. I"m glad I came back today to read the boards.
I wish you well.

hope to hear back from you too.


they found my arthritis through a blood test when i had had sore bones for about 2 or 3 months.Me and the family just thought it was growing pains as i am stil young.recently before that i had the virus chicken pox which both the specialist and the doctor said triggered my arthritis.
things that i am doing different.. there are so many..! i cant play sport anymore, and i loved netball and soccor which i had to give up because they are both too much pressure on my joints.
i havent changed my diet completly although i have to avoid acidy foods and ive noticed that some foods (sugary in particular) i get very sore and tired easily. i try to go walking but sometimes its just too hard to do as my ankles often are so week.
i do pilates and i go swimming and these are good and relax my joints.
yes i do find that if i do something major like just spending the day cleaning my room, or doing a major household chore, then the effects follow for a few days.
i am on medication called methotrexate. i take 5 of these every monday. then i am on voltaren which i take 1 every morning and night. then i take 1 folic acid every friday. and every four hours i am taking panadol. and often i will rub the anti inflammitory creams onto my skin.which by the way havent helped at all and i have tryed 2 sorts.
support..my family and friends.. which i find it difficult to do, i havent found a support group anywhere in my town and i guess i am a bit scared to go so thats why i started looking on the internet for support. i am still a student living at home and things get pretty tough as i am really into the parties and spending time with my mates but often i am way too drained and so tired and cant go out.. it has made my social life become less of one that when i didnt have arthritis. i have suffered depression from it, luckily it didnt last too long but the way i was was horrible.. i never ever want to have to be in that state of mind again.
i just find every day life so hard..
i feel i have the body of my nana and yet i am only a teenager..
i am so worried of the future and how things will be.. i know it shouldent be on my brain yet, but what about children, i mean the medication reduces fertility and i dunno one day when my boyfriend and i want to decide that stuf... what are the chances then??
i get very stressed thinking of the future, and that leads to alot of new health issues..
i often cry alot over my arthritis, and often wish i wasnt here, but i try to get myself through the struggles.
i still think im lucky that i dont have something worse but i still wish it want me that had this problem.
im glad there are people out there that understand my pain.
thankyou for replying.