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I was found to be HLA-B27 positive in 1993 and was showing many of the symptoms of AS and was sent to a Rheumatologist who dx'd me with AS. She told me, with my wife present, That within 4 yrs I would be in a wheelchair. Thank goodness she is retired and not scaring any more patients. For a 2 year period I was treated with numerous different meds including the sulfa drugs, methotrexate and too many others to list. I then went into a spontaneous remission for the next 7 yrs and only suffered periodic (couple times a yr) flares with the SI joints and low back the worst.
In 2004 I developed some new knee problems and some large bone spurs in my shoulder which left me unable to lift my left arm. Had knee surgery in 01/04 and the shoulder in 4/04. Around this time my toenails were looking pretty weird and I thought it was just nail fungus which I sarted treating with otc meds.
In Nov '04, I developed some small basal cell cancers on my chest (the Florida sun will do that) and for the first time I visited a Dermatologist. I was also starting to have some my old joint pains back but figured if it got worse I would find a new Rheum. The Derm gave me a very complete exam and on seeing my feet said that I had some pretty bad nail Psoriasis. He began asking about my joint issues and quite definitively dx'x Psoriatic Arthritis. Started me on Enbrel, 50mg 2x/wk which I am still on. And the Enbrel has made me almost normal again with the exception of some flares.
It seems that one of the things shared by all the spondylarthropathies is the potential for some very serious eye problems. Please take the advice of those above, do not delay, get to an eye specialist.
I know this is long but, in some way I hope it helps. Best of everything to all.