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A friend of mine who also has RA but who I just recently heard from again (she left the states for awhile) found a product called lakota (if im violating any borad rules with this post please forgive me delete it & msg me & i wont do it again

Im posting this because she praised this stuff up & down for the relief shes gotten since taking it

From what she tells me its a native american formula with collagan that helps the body heal itself, she said it took about a month for her to feel improvement but her pains & inflamation she said are so low she is hardly taking narcs anymore... she still takes the methotrexate & plaquenil theres no side effects with her meds

Figured Id pass this on on the chance that some of us can find relief from it u know, i mean shoot i have high respect for the native american indians, they are so knowledgeable about plants ect

I wont post a web link but u can gogle it lakota for joints