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Personally im on the prednisone, plaquenil, (was on methotrexate but had bad side effects) was on enbrel it worked some for a while but then the flares started more frequent & worse so dr switched me to humira every other week it helps 1st week of the shot but by 2nd week im in pain again dr said if it continues he will up it to once a week

Good Luck I hope they find the right combo for ya

Thats basically what this is trial & error finding the right combo to treat each person

Have faith & stick in there :)
I was on enbrel for 2 years. I do not have a family history and have been genetically tested which was negative. I was pre-menopausal and was on birth control pills. I am not over weight, exercise everyday and do not smoke. I was on methotrexate too so I guess this could have contributed but I think Enbrel is to blame. (it is an anti tumor necrosis factor so it blocks your bodied ability to fight tumors).