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Can anyone tell me about their experiences with this drug? I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when I was 10 and went into remission when I was 13. I am now 37 and have been having a lot of bursitis pain for the last 3 years. I have a lot of damage to my hips and a rheumatologist wants to put me on methotrexate to prevent further deterioration, but my disease is not active. Out of 3 pages of blood work, only 1 test showed I had inflammation. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
I am new to this board but have been lurking and also active on other boards but when I saw your question I thought I should tell you my experience with Methotrexate. I was diagnosed with RA last year, I am 59 yrs old, and I also have osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, severe osteoporosis. My first visit with the rheumatologist he put me on Methotrexate (15 mg)(every Sunday night) and 1 mg of Folic acid. I was hesitant about taking it when I read all the possible side effects but did it any way. I will admit that it did make me nauseous the day after taking it and I was really tired but the pain was really going away but I didn't know how much until I had to go off the methotrexate.

I ended up coming down with severe polynephritis (kidney infection) which was an e-coli bacteria and they think it was caused by my immune system being compromised due to the Methotrexate. The doctors said a normal person should have been able to fight off the infection but my immune system was in a terrible shape. I was really sick and in the hospital for a week and they told me I was very lucky to pull out of it. My rheumatologist didn't want to believe that the Methotrexate weakened my immune system but everything pointed to it. He asked me to take one more week of the medication and if I got sick then he would take me off of it. Well, I did and I got sick and I told him I wouldn't take it anymore. BUT I will say the pain was almost gone and now he doesn't know what to put me on so I am in terrible pain again. I know some people do not have any reactions to this medicine but I wanted to let you know what happened to me. I hope you can get on some medication and start feeling better soon.

Thanks so much for your input! Your doses of Methotrexate and folic acid are the same as mine. I'm trying to get up the nerve to take it tonight. Please keep me posted on your situation. Since you didn't tolerate the MTX does that mean that you cannot take any of the other DMARD's? I hope you find some relief soon!
Hey Carolina I hope the medicine works for you because I really do believe that it helped me with my pain. Right now the doctor is stepping back and not putting me on any DMARD's but he did put me on Mobic but it is really starting problems with my stomach. I am having a lot of problems with my knees which he told me was bone on bone but he has only done x-rays and no CT scans or MIR's. I am thinking about going back to my regular GP and see if she can order some more testing.

Good luck with the Methotrexate because I know it can help with the pain or it did for me.