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My poor mother was diagnosed with inflammatory/rheumatoid arthritis, about 3years ago.
Since then, she's tried Plaquinil (?) and a couple of other drugs that seem to interfere with her high blood pressure medication she's taking.
She's got a very sensitive system, and even her doctors are baffled as to what to do.
I coerced her doctor to try her on low-dose Prednisone, and it seems to help some, but I worried about long-term effects.
She's in her 80's and is having a very rough time, being caregiver to my father, also.
Does anyone have any suggestions for something for her to try?
At the very beginning, her Arthritis Doc wanted her to try Methotrexate, but she was afraid & couldn't get to the doctor to get her blood tested every other week to check her liver count.
Neither parents drive anymore, and they both still live in their house that they so dearly love.
It's rough watching her hobbling around.
Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry--- I just realized I posted a question similiar to this a few month's back. I'm hoping maybe someone may have some new input.