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[QUOTE=k2626;3644867]Hi guys I am back with questions about RA.

Does it always show up in labs

Can it move from joint to joint with pain hitting a few minutes

Can it cause extreme joint cracking

Has anyone gotten strange bumps and broken capilaries on hands

Any issues with bowels when flaring

Can you just wake up one day and have it

I really appreciate response I am 33 and feel like I am dying
Bumps on palms of hand (RA) recently diagnosed & on 3 Methotrexate a day..
I have the bumps on out 'outside' of my palms and on the pads (?) underneath each finger. I'm 100% sure this is from the meth b/c I've never had them b/f - & in my case it is NOT an allergic reaction - b/c I've had that w/Avelox & Penicillin...rushed to the hospital, etc. (also have severe ankle swelling & if on feet too much bottoms of my feet hurt)