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Hi to everyone, I hope you all are doing fine and feeling better!:wave:

As I posted earlier I was resently Dx with severe case of RA and I'm taking medications: Prednisone, Rx strenght Folic Acid and Methotrexate. I also take some Pain medication due to my failed 2 spinal fusions.
Since I am on my RA meds i am so exhausted, no words to describe. I could fall asleep where I stand. I never before has such problem. I seat in a DR's office and fall asleep, I wait in a Pharmacy for my refills and fall asleep... so embarassing!
Is anybody else has same problem being on this type medicaition?
I also would like to know how much of Methotrexate are you taking and for how long?
I am on week 4th and by now on 6x2,5mg a week of Meth. and according to her - it will go up and up. How much up is it? When did you start to feel nauses and start seeing the difference in thining in your hair?

Thank you in advance!
Hugs and blessings... Moldova
I take 8 pills at 5 mg each of methotrexate every Sunday. I take folic acid and calcium with vitamin D, daily. I also take actonel once a week. I have been doing this for 4 or 5 years. I took prednesone when having bad flares. I am at the moment trying to get off prednesone. I havn't had any for two weeks but thats when I went on effexar, which is agreeing with me and has taken about 50 % of the pain from me. Yeah!!!
Hi Moldova I just wanted to come in and see how you are doing. I am no longer on the Methotrexate but when I was taking it I did get tired usually the two days after I took it were the worse. You know how medicines act different on everyone so I hope you can get it worked out.

Take care