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Sickness induced fatigue is an acceptable off-label use for Ritalin.

Some doctors have used stimulant reaction as a way to diagnose ADHD. The preponderance of current evidence suggests that whether ADHD has no bearing on reaction.

Certainly there is a very significant difference in reponse from person to person. What gives? Evidence suggests some people respond by increase in ability to focus whereas others are distracted by stimulant induced hyperactivity.

The theory that ADHD is not the variable is supported by the fact that 30% of clinically diagnosed ADHDers find either no reduction in ADHD symptoms or symptoms get worse.

So getting a nice focus boast from Ritalin does not mean you have ADHD. Many college students abuse stimulants to get a performance edge. They are not ADHD. It works anyway albeit at great risk.

Let's address the "jittery" issue.

An extended release version of methylphenidate such as Concerta may help. But tell your doctor that the jitters are the problem. He/she may have a better solution.