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I hurt my back just 3 weeks ago. I had a major muscle spasm on the right side that every time I tried to get up would put me on the floor or make me scream. I was taking flexeril and my muscle spasm was not getting any better at all. I took it for a week. I went back to the doctor and said my back feels like it is swollen. She put me on a very strong steroid anti-inflammitory called Methylprednisolone. I only took it for 6 days. You start out taking 6 the first day then 5 then 4. You take one less each day. I was getting so bad before I took it that I could not get out of bed by myself. Within two days of taking it I noticed a huge difference. By the time I was done with the 6 days my muscle spasm was totally gone and never came back. I still have some pain from a disc protrusion but it's very minimal. There are risks in taking this medicine though. It shuts down the immune system while taking it and for the next year I have to be careful because if I catch something I might have a hard time fighting it off. This is really something only to be taken if absolutely necessary. If you find that pain is getting so bad it is unbearable it might be an option for you.