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My doctor gave me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammitories the first couple weeks after I injured myself. Then she gave me a steriod anti-inflammitory called methylprednisolone. I was in so much pain at that time I could not walk to the bathroom by myself. The steroid anti-inflammitory really helped a lot. I only took it for 6 days. I have been taking aspirin every day for about 6 weeks now for the pain. I walk on my treadmill and do back stretching and exercises designed for someone with damaged disc that I got from my doctor. I have been feeling better each day. This Monday I quit taking aspirin and for two days it got worse I think from withdrawal and now I am feeling almost no pain. I still walk on my treadmill to keep working and strengthing my lower back muscles. It's been about 9 weeks since my initial injury and I am almost all the way better. It gets a little stiff sometimes but I stretch and it helps. I know I could not run right now or it would probably drop me to the ground but I am healing and doing really well. I am one of the lucky 90% of people who have a disc injury and will not need surgery.