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So from your experience in seeing the injections first hand and how they help people. They really do work and help with pain. That is what I thought too. On this board it seems as so many people say they did not help them and then when I have talked to people in person who have had them they say it did help them. Would you say you have seen quite a few people with the numbness in the foot be helped by the injections? I am going to have an injection if it is appropriate. I have to wait and see what my MRI shows. I am on an oral steroid methylprednisolone right now and in just 24 hours it has helped a great deal with the pain in my calf and my back. I still have a numb foot but I still have 5 days left of the treatment. Last time I was on the oral steroids it got me walking again in just one day. It still hurt a lot but before taking it I could not even walk on my own. It was amazing how much it helped by the time I was done with a week of it. I was able to go back to work. I hope it works as well this time. I do not see any reason it will not.