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I posted a couple of days ago "Scheduled day for surgery". With the procedure I am having (L5S1 fusion with laminectomy), should I plan on staying in the guest bedroom downstairs, or will I be able to get up and down the stairs?

Thanks in advance!

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"Hi everyone. I am new to this board, however, I feel as if I have found long-lost family members. I am 43, I had a L5-S1 microdiskectomy in 10/04. This was the result of a bicycle accident. I had just spent the previous 4 years exercising and improving my health/eating/diet and went from 284 lbs to 184 lbs. I never could exercise like before the surgery but I kept trying and failing and getting more and more depressed until I finally quit all together. My job requires standing for long 12 hour shifts. Finally, last April, I had to go on stronger pain meds to survive. They helped, but either the underlying condition worsened and/or I built tolerance - I think a combination of both. My wife and I had our 2nd baby in 19 months in August. My weight has gone up to 240 lbs, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression and anxiety. I felt I was going mad and nobody understood. My wife was sick and tired of what she interpreted as complaining. All these things combined made me realize I have got to do something. I should mention that I have tried other conservative methods, epidurals, RACZ, etc. So while I am scared, I am relieved that a decision has been made. It was hard to make this decision as my dad had back problems and finally decided to have surgery after being confined to a wheelchair. He developed a post-surgical infection and died in the hospital 2 weeks later.

My surgery is 2/19 and will be a fusion of L5S1 with a laminectomy.

I am out of work from now on until I recover and I will be frequenting this board often to learn/share what I can.

The above is the briefest synopsis of my story - like many here, I could write a book, but the story is far from finished"
I wish you the best of luck! I 'escaped' scheduled surgery 12/24/06 and now after 7 epidurals and loads of PT, 6 day pack of methylprednisolone before last in this year's series of 3 epidurals had another MRI showing same but worse hernation. Am now considering surgery again but my Dr. informs me I am "not psychologically" ready for it???

After your surgery when you are feeling better I would love to hear back from you! No pun intended! Best of luck to you,