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I have been struggling with herniation L5-S1 since 2005. Began in spring of 05 with pinched nerve in neck. Without complete detail of latest MRI (worse herniation, severe compression of S1 nerve" DD at l4-L5, etc. doesn't matter- point is I was scheduled for surgery 12/06. Took pain meds, cleaned up house and probably scared myself out of surgery that my Dr. convinced me to do (and he is [FONT="Arial Black"]conservative[/FONT] said I had less than a 1% chance of healing- do I want to go on living this way?). After taking pain meds and much cleaning before surgery Pain better so didn't have surgery. (had 4 epidurals prior, PT , all conservative options possible). By May of 07 bad again. 3 more epidurals last week was last with methylprednisolone steroid 6 pack before last week's final epidural. (I've exhausted 3 for these 6 months) Still on meds and have been on Neurontin, mobic, etc. for last 3 years (also tore ACL in 2004) so LOTS of meds. Only now resorted to painkiller for last week as they messed me up when previously took and became too forgetful. (Thankfully my son is in boarding school now so I don't have to worry about him and remember all the homework, etc.). I am single Mom. Noone here but me. Very active and hard for me to lay in bed, sit still (no pun intended tho of course cannot sit for long and only when on pain meds) which I take at night. Used to be able to walk out pain - now just keeps recurring (butt and leg to bottom of knee). Thankfully no numbness.

Sorry for verboseness but there is a point to all this if you can bear to read on. I am now not working, involved in much personal stress, son hates me and calls me "back lady" and have lost many friends as they (as well as myself) hate having to deal with me. If it weren't for my son I would just 'fall' into the subway tracks- but I won't. Have found the latest cheap CSW as I can't afford good therapist and insurance doesn't cover. Am unemployed and have just about exhausted savings. Do not speak with family any longer and they are trying to gain custody of my son. (Just to name a few other problems.. most likely helping my disc to bulge further!)

Went to surgeon this week with new MRI. Sees me crying as usual and steroids make me weep all the time especially after this last 6 DAYpack of methylprednisolone- but at least it made me hungry and I'm eating again! (I was down to 102 and my usual is about 115). He grabbed my notes and said let me look at questions. Don't know what he read (I had 3 pages of notes) but he knows I go on internet and he just sort of lost it immediately and said "you are not PYSCHOLOGICALLY ready for surgery. Go see a shrink and when they say you are ready..." Told him I just got a new CSW but that was it. he left room. Of course I wish I had the money to see a good psychiatrist to help me with all my problems....I have basically become a hermit and feel like I have lost the last 2 years of my life. Used to be active, bike ride, love going out, dating- can't bear the thought of being touched now - broke off my last relationship as he began complaining of back pain (but they just don't get it - I HAVE NO BACK ACHE AND WISH IT WAS JUST THAT!!) I have a very high threshold of pain, but REALLY AM SCARED OUT OF MY WITS TO HAVE SURGERY and now finally gearing up for it again - the biggest decision of my life and my surgeon won't do it!!! HAS ANYBODY EVER BEEN TOLD THIS?? AND HOW CAN A SOCIAL WORKER DECIDE FOR ME IF I AM READY FOR SURGERY? Who is ever completely ready and totally confident about surgery? Must I convince myself to be positive about it when I don't think I will ever be? And especially because I have tried every conservative method out there for over 2 yrs. now. This Dr. was my second opinion (first said immediately to operate from first MRI) and they are both at same hospital and both Orthopedic Spine Surgeons. The one who just refused me was referred to me by my old Scoliosis Dr, from over 20 years ago when I wore a back brace. (He told me he would not operate unless really necessary - now it's even worse and I'm psychologically not a candidate!?? and he was ready to operate Christmas of 06?? I was crying in pain then too!