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Dear all,

I have read carefully all your messages. I will try to help you with my experience. Sorry if it is large message, but maybe you will find something that could help you below.

I am having Gastroparesis since one year... and yes, it has been once of the worst time in my life. Everyday strong nausea, never vomit, but strong enough for having weight loss, anxiety episodies and developing a phobia to strong food odours. I felt the same repulse to strong odours as pregnants use to have due their temporary gastroparesis (progesterone high level concentration in pregnants motivates slow motion on gastric smooth muscles).

Nausea appeared some hours after eat, but specially 4 to 6 hours after main food. Sometimes if I take a coffe (with no caffeine) or any irritant food it drive me nausea for two or three days consecutives very hard so I saw a relationship with some kind of food. Below I will describe some conclusions I hope they could help anyone who read this.

All typical clinical test protocol have been done to me (protocol which I recommend to any reader of this who feel same symptom to discard another pathology... and with your doctor guiding). Test were: gastric/first duodenal portion endoscopy, CAT scanner and complete blood test. Helicobacter bacteria was found in gastric mucosa and erradication helicobacter treatment was done with no better result on Gastroparesis.

Doctor prescribed me pro-cinetic drug like CINITAPRIDA (or CINITAPRIDE), this was horrible for me as in my case due to its neurologycal possible effects increased anxiety as CINITAPRIDE interfere with serotonin receptors among others in brain.

After this problem Doctor prescribed me Domperidone, it worked well one month but after two month again hematoencephalic barrier traspassing (brain effects) problems appeared on me. I do not mean it will happen with this drugs to all of you, each person is a personal case, I only want to share my experience to try to help to any who suffer the same. Maybe Domperidone can be a help for you. On my case was no good as the secundary effects.

After those both bad experience I started with famous Omeprazole (for avoiding the gastric acid irritates the stomach) but the "capsule" covering of this drug generate to me excess of gas and "fullness" feeling. I take the inside capsule omeprazole little grains but no better effect.

After this Doctor prescribed me Metoclopramide, this one did not cause me anxiety problems so in my case the hematoencephalic barrier traspassing was no important. It helped me with gastric emptiness but nausea persisted.

Well, finally I have found some conclusions they could help you and I think it is important to share:

1- The origin of Gastroparesis is not clear. Some literature talks about "vagum" nerve problem (the nerve which carries the signal from brain/medula to stomach for "ordering" it to move). Other literature says it is a consequence of diabetes mellitus as this illnes can damage the "vagum" nerve. But in most of the patient cases the origin of this stomach "slow motion" is unknown.

2- If food is plenty time in stomach it drives to irritate its internal surface (mucosa) so nausea appears. Nausea is the brain response to some stomach receptors (sensors) which advice to brain of an irritation.

3- If food is plenty time in stomach, stomach generate more acid for trying to help to dilute... and this acid will increase the irritation on case it is present.

4- The stomach mucosa (internal stomach "skin") irritation is compatible with term "gastritis" as irritation can drives to inflamation. Also it can turn stomach more sensitive. The stomach mucosa needs some days to recover itself from irritation, that is the reason sometimes one gastroparesis event can generate some days of sickness.

5- So, if our stomach is sensitive as gastroparesis consequence (due to plenty time food into stomach) it is important to avoid food which are irritant itself, as they colllaborate to damage stomach mucosa, so will increase possibility to feel nausea. This food are:

- Seasoning/dressing
- Ají (this is spanish name I have no found in english)
- Garlic
- Alcoholic drinks
- Carbonated drinks (carbonated water and colas etc.)
- Coffe and substitutes of Coffe (non caffeine, etc.)
- Onion
- Tomato Sauce
- Cauliflower
- Chili
- Chocolate
- Sausage
- Citric Acid, Citric Juice, Citric fruits (lemon, orange, pinneaple etc. ask to your doctor or nutritionist)
- Yeast, Baking powder (in bread etc.) (in my case it hurt me very much)
- Mayonnaise
- Mint
- Bologna
- Mustard
- Paprika
- white/black pepper
- CAbbage
- Salami and spiced sausages.
- Cocoa
- Soups
- Tabasco
- Tea
- Grapes
- Vinegar
- Ketchup
- Grains (on my case some no make me problems but some so).
- Stocks

6- Try to replace a pro-cinetic drug with a food which helps to move your gastric-duodenal-colon system, i.e., in my case I discovered the ancient bread named in Spain "Esenio Bread". This bread is made with germinated wheat or sprouted wheat and with no yeast (very important). This bread increase the "speed" of food into digestive system, specially at bowels: an "agile" bowel helps very much to stomach emptiness. Some studies says that bowels also control the stomach movement.
In my case using this bread in each of my meals avoid me to use any pro-cinetic drug. (pro-cinetic = pro-movement) Consult your doctor about.

7- ...and for nausea? well, sprouted wheat bread and avoiding irritant food is not enough... there is a natural irritant inside us: the gastric acid.
The solution to complete this multiside treatment care came thanks to this forum... I told before that omeprazole did not gave me a good result, but some of you told about "Prevacid" (Lansoprazole), I have tried with it... and very nice. The Prevacid blocks the acid "generators" as well as Omeprazole into our stomach (this generator is named proton bomb) and helps to avoid the natural irritant (the gastric acid) to our sensitive stomach. Remember, we have a sensitive stomach thanks to our pathology. I take a modality of Lansoprazole named "flas". This is very nice as the pill dissolve quickly into mouth avoiding capsule.

Well, that is all. I recommend you to follows above different path simultaneously which is, avoiding irritant food, try to eat sprouted wheat bread and ask to your doctor for Prevacid... and all together! Always it is important to avoid to eat very much, and drink water during meal.

I hope all this can help you.

Best Wishes,