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Wow I can't believe I've found this I have so many questions. I was "diagnosed" with ncs in summer 2001. They didn't have a name for it. I passed/failed ? the tilt table test, was prescribed metoprolol but weaned myself off b/c of getting even worse. I was not sent to a proper cardiologist (I was hospitalized when diagnosed) Never kept up with it, my symptoms would come on and off but most recent after giving birth to my first daughter it has increased. I started to see a cardiologist (resident) who doesn't really know anything about it. Just says drink a lot of water and salt it's not working. I am so scared i'm always feeling sooooooooo sick.. (btw i'm only 27 ) Everyone looks at me like you're such a hypochondriac b/c it's not an "official illness". Anyways I have gained horrible amounts of weight in the past year have experienced undeniable amounts of "panic attacks" and am always tired.

I want to throw a question out there or two. Does anyone believe that panic attacks and ncs are related somehow b/c ncs is a miscommunication b/c brain and heart thru nervous system? ( REMOVED )

I find that ncs is understudied and underrated as a danger (I have a three and two year old).

Please HELP!