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It doesn't seem to matter which antibiotic I use. My dentist has given me just plain old Penicillin. This time I'm on Metronidazole since the tooth was so badly infected! It never hurt though, I guess maybe because my back usually hurts so bad I couldn't even feel it. I've also been on Erythromycin in the past few months for chronic Sinus infections and broncitis.

I know I more than likely don't have anything wrong with my heart, I'm 25 and in pretty good shape, also a vegetarian. I don't know how or why they seem to take back pain away, but I know it worked for me. My dr seemed to think it was more of a coincidence though. I have a co-worker who has arthitis and she said the same thing happens with her, her inflammation goes down when she's on antibiotics. So it must reduce inflammtion in some form or another.