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[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3422559]Thanks for your response and advice, ACE.

The red yeast rice and related products are not available in Canada.

Many of the Chinese health and medicinal products are being recalled almost daily by our government. (I get e-mail notices with every recall). I can't believe how frequent the recalls are. I think it's safer to consider all of these types of herbal, weight loss and other medicinal products UNSAFE unless proven otherwise! The red yeast rice was not available the last time I inquired, which was several months ago. I am not sure any of the products you have suggested are. I will definitely look into it. Many thanks once again!
P.S. I read many horror stories from former users of Lipitor. It's a Catch 22, taking chances either way. :(



The Statins I mentioned are all approved FDA drugs. MEVACOR (Lovastatin) was the very first statin drug on the market to be approved by the FDA, It was manufactured from Red Yeast Rice. Then ZOCOR (simvastatin) and PRAVACHOL (pravastatin) followed. They are all red yeast based (synthetic) medications. ZOCOR and PRAVACHOL are now being sold as generic drugs. Only LIPITOR and CRESTOR are not generic.