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I have a lot of injections (unfortunately for my osteopenia)! But, they have helped my arthritis a lot. I have bad arthritis in my SI joints and have been getting the injections every 3 months (have had 3 so far). They last about 2 months for me, and my doctor wants me to stretch it til 3 months, so we will be doing about 4 per year. I do notice that it is worse in the winter. In the past I was getting facet injections, but now I do the nerve burning for my lumbar area (radio frequency). I am glad about this, as it is not another injection. I also get shots in my knees about every 3-5 months, they seem to last longer. I was told this is because the knee is a large joint that holds the cortisone longer than the back joints. I wish I did not need to get so many injections, but they really work for my arthritis. I take extra calcium/multivitamin and miacalcin spray for my osteopenia. I tried fosamax before, but had a bad reaction where my joints flared the day after I took it, so my doctor switched me to miacalcin spray. I do worry about osteoporosis, since it also runs in my family. But, you do what you need to do! Good luck, Kera4