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Yesterday I took my son to the doctor, who I have known forever and we talked for a long time about my fusion, and everythign with my husband kicking me out etc.

She said her sister had fusion and was getting no bone growth for over a year, so she prescribed her the miacalcin spray that you spray up your nose once a day and 600 mg of calicum twice a day and within two months she was fused.

She prescribed it to me, it is suppose to promote bone growth. I said screw it and the medicaid paid for it. So I am going to try.

ANyone heard of this?
Hi! I take calcium/vit. D and the Miacalcin spray for osteopenia. I have not had a fusion, but I have very bad arthritis in my lumbar and SI area. My doctor wants me on the miacalcin spray to prevent osteoporosis. I think it is good for all issues regarding keeping strong bones. I tried fosamax, but it did not agree with me. The good thing about miacalcin spray is that it really has no side effects. Take care, Kera4