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My daughter has yet to hit school thank goodness and we are lucky enough that my Mother is a teacher so she'll be able to go to school with her where they all know about her condition. She had an ilium atresia and an appendectomy at 12 hrs old and has had chronic consitpation pretty much all of her life. We are on Miralax, 2 tbs a day which is a max dose for anyone of her age. Have they done any tests on your son? Generally, schools aren't very considerate when it comes to children who have health issues. Have you ever considered talking to the school about the situation or having the drs call the school?

Have the drs ever run any tests? Such as a Sitz Mark, Upper GI, etc? IBS is diagnosed alot but seeing that he's had bowel issues all of his life, it seems like some tests should be run. With my daughter, we were running into a brick wall and regardless of what I said, the GI's blew me off. It wasn't until I found a great Pediatrican who is willing to go the extra mile to help any of her patients. Once we saw her, the GI's started doing things. My daughter has a motility issue which causes constipation but then we found out that her bowels are over dehydrating themselves which is something that I have never heard of. They did an NG tube and "flushed out" her bowels and that worked miracles. Granted, I don't recommend it because it is a terrible procedure to have done but since then...we haven't had any constipation issues.

I monitor her diet strictly. Fiber is not always the best thing for chronic constipation. For instance, with Roo (my daughter) the fiber completely stopped her up. Once I took the fiber supplements away, things worked a little better but the NG tube was the only thing that really worked. She's only 3 but we had a really hard time getting her potty trained with BM's until we had that procedure done. If the drs haven't run any more tests, you might want to see if they are willing to run some. The Sitz Mark test is a radioactive test where they swollow 24 circles and have an Xray 5 days later. It would show alot of things that I wasn't even aware of. It can prove that there are motitility issues as well as blockages or strictures. Does your son also suffer from Reflux?

I wish you all the luck.