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My almost 3 year old son has had constipation ever since he was about a year old. We have tried every thing and finally went to a specialist. The specialist said that he was holding it in because he was afraid to go because at one time or another it hurt when he went. To make a long story short, they put him on Miralax, an adault laxative you mix with water, and drink daily. Well he has been on this for about two years and every time we try to take him off the stuff, he locks up again. We have even tried weaning him from it and nothing works. What do you think, my doctor is a quack, or even worse my son has an even worse problem than I ever thought. I hope he does'nt have to be on this stuff for the rest of his life. Help!! anything you might know about this miralax, or preventing constipation please let me know!! Thanks :)

Sorry to hear about your son having so many troubles going to the bathroom. My daughter has been on Miralax for a little over two years. What your doctor failed to tell you is that ANY laxitive is habit forming. That is why when you try to take him off it he still cannot go. You need to take him into a GI specialist and find out why he was so constipated in the first place, and if there is NO medical reason behind it all, then slowly wean him off the Miralax. I hope this has helped you some. If you have any questions I can help you with please post again and I will be happy to do my best. My daughter has been on many many forms of laxitives since birth.