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My child had (still does) the same problem. It can sometimes start from a painful bowel movement and they start holding back (could be the "poo-poo" definition). We have been struggling with this for years now. The pediatric gastro doc had us first try Milk of Magnesia twice a day and a regular time for him to sit on the potty every day. But by the time we got referred to the gastro, our son's colon had "vaulted" - expanded in places where the stool was collecting. Then it was like placque build-up in an artery. More and more would collect and harden until only a little could get by, and usually it was liquidy because that's all that could make it past. We ended up having to be put on Miralax which gave him major diarhea, but the doc and all the info I could find said that constipation is dangerous - it can be toxic and hold and deliver poisons from the waste into your system. We have recently had a break-through. It seems that because we all eat "health food" - whole grains, organic produce, nuts, lean non-red meats, soy, no sugar, etc., that we were contributing to the constipation. The fibre was too high and dry for him to tolerate. I now give him softer foods. Moist pancakes for breakfast with regular syrup. I added individual packed peaches in light syrup for his lunches to add a little more sugar, which helps to move the bowels, believe it or not. And Nestle's Quik to mix and put the MOM in. It took about 2 weeks, but he is having softer movements and does not complain about pain any more. He never said it hurt when he was little, he was 6 before he told us that. However, if you don't get this straightened out, the colon will vault and he will lose control of his bowels and have soiling accidents at an age that will embarrass him. Please talk to your pediatrician and ask for a referral to a gastro doc. You will be glad you did. Best of luck to you!!!
Hi I was reading your post and feel for you because I have been going thru ALL this with my four year old son ever since he was a baby! We have been to many doctors, had tests and been on miralax for 2 1/2 years. I have done many searches on many nights that I was up with insomnia, grieving over my little guys pain and trauma of having constant, painful constipation, even while on miralax. We had to hold his hand and even hold him while he went and he screamed in pain every time. I am here to tell you all that I found a product that is working and it is all natural! I am not interested in selling this product....just wanting to let you all know about it cuz I wish someone would've done the same for me...years ago! My son has only been on it for about a month now and he was off the laxative after two weeks. I could've taken him off sooner but wanted to make sure it was really truly working. Again, I'm not selling it but do feel it is working and that everyone should have a chance to try it for themselves and let them be the judges! I have a checkup for my son in a week and plan to tell my sons dr about the product cuz I feel he should be telling others that suffer silently the way I had to with my son! There is an all natural product that works folks! Just ask me about it....you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

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