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My 7 year old daughter suffers from encopresis (chronic constipation) and has developed megacolon over the years. We have been on a laxative regiment for the last 2 years. She has gone through a battery of tests and doesn't have things like celiac, thyroid problems or hirsprungs and even though half the time she doesn't feel she needs to go, her unvolentary muscle reflex (the one that makes the poop come out when pressure is big enough) is intact (she had a quite invasive test done to meassure this muscle tone, it is there).

Right now she is one Miralax and it seems to work ok but not perfect. I know it is the end of the school year which brings along a lot of extra stress, but right now the periods between a bout of impaction are getting shorter instead of longer.

We need to keep her clean, because the megacolon needs to heal (her colon is much stressed out because of all the chronic constipation she suffered for years, it needs to shrink back to normal size) When we do a clean out, we use the Miralax and it goes very quick and very well. My daughter doesn't like it much, but she understand it needs to be done, because constipation leads to soiling accidents. Mostly at home, but sometimes also in class...
When I called her pediatric gastroenterologist to tell her the periods between clean outs are getting shorter (we had 5 weeks, 2 weeks and one week between clean out, the last clean out was 2 weeks ago and soiling has started agin. Her gastro told me to up the dosage of Miralax: not stronger but more of it (14 oz, instead of 12 oz, with 5 teaspoons instead of 4 teaspoons.

Somehow I feel this is not right, she now has more diarrea accidents and has more trouble feeling when she needs to go, because the stools are not solid enough to feel them.

Any advise on this? (We do fiber and fluids, I am just curious to leanr what other encopresis kids do to stop the accidents).

Another thing it that she also gets severe muscle pain in her hip flexor from time to time. It isn't related to being constipated and it isn't growing pains either.
Any other constipation kids with this problem?

Anybody any experience with the bio feedback method to relearn bowel habits?

Any and all stories and pieces of advise are very welcome, even stories about medical stuff we may not have tried or heard off!! Oh, my daughter also sees an OT to help with her sensory stuff. Other than all this she is a happy, smart and beautiful young lady!


I will see the gastro next week and I will mention the MRI idea.
My feeling the hip pain is related with her problem somehow.

We started on MOM, but my daughter didn't tolerate the large dose we had to give her. She was on between 40 and 60cc a day, because she we more or less needed to give her diarea so the megacolon had a change to shrink back...It was absolutely terrible, I really felt I was slowly killing my child (cramps, vomiting, tired all the time) so we stopped the MOM and went to lactulose instead. That was ok for about 5 months but then it lost its effectiveness and we constantly were upping the doasage. The Miralax had been working well for a year now...

How old is yours?