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I have a second grader who still has accidents in school. Mostly BM, sometimes also wet pants. I would do a internet search on encopresis, soiling, and (chronic) constipation to see if any of this fits the picture. My daughter has chronic constipation and megacolon, so in her case it is a clear medical issue (with some psychological issues too).

Holding in poop leads to constipation and even though it might take a while, eventually it will develop in a major problem and believe me, you want to stay away from megacolon!

Is your son not teased in school? Does it happen every day? Does it only happen in school, or also at home? If you tell him to go, does he go or is it a power struggle (the latter is important if you decide to go the punishment route). How frustrated are you?

If it happens everyday and mostly it is just a little bit followed by no or a very large BM I would take him to a pediatrician, just to get an evaluation. A mild laxative might be needed (can be just extra fiber or prune juice, can also be something like Miralax). Small accidents that are not followed by a proper BM could be caused by an impaction (sound terrible but caught on time should not lead to major trouble).
If it happens sometimes but not every day just keep a close eye on him and make sure he does a BM everyday.

Good luck.

Please DO NOT ever punish your child for having an accident!! My son is 8 and has had chronic constipation for almost 3 years. It is mostly psychological at this point. He has suffered major impaction and remembers how much it hurt to poop so he holds it in. The poop hardens and accumulates in the lower colon and cannot be pushed out normally. If you notice your child is having 'runny' accidents in their underwear that is the bowel fluid which leaks out and around the hardened stool. My son's pedi explained that once the colon has stretched that much from being constipated all the time, the child is no longer able to feel the 'feeling' of needing to have a BM so when the stool leaks out they aren't aware of it. My son is on miralax which is tasteless and can be mixed with any liquid. I've had to keep him out of school before because he was in so much pain from 2 weeks of not going. We also have to do saline enemas once in a while. This condition is real and no child deserves to be punished for being sick! I know it's frustrating believe me, I'm pretty tired of washing underwear in the sink before putting them in the washer but you'll get through it. For your childs' sake be patient.