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My 5 1/2 yr old had chronic UTI's for almost 2 years. She, too, went through all the tests you mentioned and more. ALL came out negative. The best thing that happened was the diagnosis that it was caused by constipation and the size of her bowels. She was always regular so it was hard to diagnose it. But the size is what caused it. Her stools were so large while in the colon that it prevented her from emptying her bladder completely. Just a small amount of urine left in the bladder can cause the bacteria to multiply at an incredibly alarming rate. We are now down from Miralax everyday to every other day. She has been clean for several months now. My advice is to be very vigilant about monitoring her bowel movements. We started out with sitting on the potty at the same time everyday for 15 minutes. She didn't have to go but she had to try. It gave her a relaxed time to take care of things so she didn't dread going. Now, she doesn't fight it and actually will go without being urged.
I know how you feel. It is very hard to watch your little girl go through this.
Hang in there. My prayers are with your daughter and you. MsTwiddle
Does the Miralax make her poop rather mushy? Depending on the antibiotic she is taken, it will also speed up the mobility of her bowels quite a bit and it changes the bacterial content of the poop (less good bacteria). The mushy poop (more difficult to wipe) and the changed bacterial content of the poop, and the fact that she has constipation all are possible causes for frequent UTI's.
My daughter takes Miralax and has taken antibiotics to speed up her bowels and we were advised to take probiotics to balance the culture of bacteria. (Which means she take a big dose of the bacteria you would normally find in yoghurt...)
We are quite lucky though because even though my daughter has frequent accidents (both poop and pee) she never ever had an UTI!

Then there is the simple fact that little girls urethrea is simply not as developed as an adults. Little girls in general get an UTI a lot easier, and for some reason, once they have one, it is easy to come back (big pain in the bottom!).

Good luck!