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Ok, it is absolutely a problem that a 3year old did not have a BM in 3 weeks.

Could you possibly have missed one? Is his belly extended? Does he moan if you touch/massage his belly? Does he seem a different color (greyish)? Does he smell funny?

Miralax will sometimes take a few days to work, but what you could do is give him a full scoop (17 gr) in 4 oz of juice for every hour, till he goes! BUT, if he has an impaction, this won't work. The impaction will work as a plug and so pushing Miralax from the top down is not going to do the trick, you will need to unplug him first. You could do that by either using a suppository or an enema (a baby enema or half an adult one should do the trick). Make sure he does not immediately use the bathroom, the enema will take some time to work too. If he immediately goes only water will come out and no poop... Once you have taken care of (even part of) the impaction you can either try Miralax, or a dulcolax or sennakot tablets.

Then again, you seem to have gone through all the motions already so maybe he needs a clean out in the hospital...

Do not worry too much, the intestines can hold an amazing amount of stool before anything goes really wrong, and I am sure he will produce an amazing toilet clogger once he goes!

Good luck and let us know what the doc says tomorrow..

the doctor said to double up on the miralax, stop the enemya until friday, then try again. the x-ray shows just stool. So, my husband and i are going to push prunes, etc until then, then hopefully he'll go. thanks...