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My son is 11 and soiling issues have started again! when he was in 1st grade we started having the problems and began seeing a GI specialist, Miralax daily, potty sits etc. He was also wetting the bed at night. this went on until we got him cleaned out (thus yes, your child may be compacted). very frustrated that in the 6th grade my sons problems are back. we are going to a new DR next week as i dont want to go thru the miralax routine again. my sons self-esteem has totally been shot. it's very difficult!
Hi there Hyr. old parents,

I have a 10 yr. old and he has Encopresis so I know what you are going through. I ahve been goijng through this now for 6 months. I just recently about a month and a half ago found a peditrician that knew what my son had. we were trying the Miralax that would give him Diarreha then we quit and had another x-ray to see what he had in his abdomen. he was full again when we went back to the docotr's. So know we are at a gastroenterologist office and we had to get my son cleaned out I mean get all the bowel out with the medicine called Lactulose and some Miralax. Know he wants us to have a Sitz Marker X-ray done. That is where the child swallows a capsule filled with tiny little radioactive markers. Then we go back on the 6th day to have an X-ray done to see if my son has any of the tiny little markers left in his abdomen. Then if he does the doctor will do some more testing. If they are gone then we will have to continue the Miralax and we are also going to see a psycotherapist to help him about him going in his pants. The therapist will work with him on getting him to go to the toilet instead of him using his pants. It is a long process and I really and truly know what you are going through. My son also has a nother student at his school with the same problem as my son.