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My 10 year old daughter has this since age 4, she is on miralax right now.
And started going back to a Ped. gastro Dr.
My concerns are that with this problem she has gained alot of weight.
She has a distended belly and xrays confirmed impaction when she was 7.
She was always underweight as a toddler then she started School and the weight started coming on. She is very energetic, her food intake amount did not change. She was put on lactulose at age 7 which really made her gain about 8 lbs in a months time. She is steadily gaining still.But not like when she was on lactulose. She has been tested for thyroid, came back fine. I told the Dr. this and he just looks at me like "RIGHT", she has to be eating alot to gain so quickly.He also gave her an ultrasound when she was 7 which came back fine. But I know my daughter doesnt. Alot of times she doesnt even eat breakfast or finishes her meals. She does have a slow transit period, like for corn for instance she will not get rid of it until 2 days later.
I feel bad for her because she looks about 6 months pregnant at times, mostly in the afternoon, her face even swells.
I have read LUKA's post about her daughter. SO hopefully she is still with this board and can give me some suggestions.
She also has pain on her left side under her rib cage at times.
She sometimes has pee accidents also.
I am now going through a food intolerance test with York labs( blood ***** test), (without her Dr. involved) to see which foods she is intolerant too. I believe Milk plays a big role in her constipation, so I have limited this for her.
I want the Dr. to do a barium test on her too, but everytime I ask for some kind of test he just asks like it is not necessary. I take her to one of the best hospitals in the United States. His referral on the weight gain is make an appointment with the childrens obesity clinic there.
If anyone can suggest what to ask for as far as testing her ( or can I just demand it) I am getting so frustrated with this. I would appreciate it greatly.
Hi Diane,

My daughter would look 8 months pregnant when things were really bad..but she has the tendency to loose a lot of weight while on lactuloose or milk of magnesia, mostly because it would make her nauseas and she would eat a lot less. No such problem on Miralax.
Weight gain in itself is not a bad thing, but you are talking obesity clinic so I guess we are not talking healthy looking...

The barium enema will help a little bit to determine whether her digestive system is slow, but a better test to ask for is a sitz marker test, because the barium enema test will take about an afternoon to complete and the diagnosis might be "slow" or "not slow" but it won't tell you how slow. Sitz marker is time intensive but not invasive. Your daughter would have to swallow some small "metal" beans and they will take X-rays at 1 hour, 1 day and 2 or 3 days. The marker will show up on the X-Ray and tell how fast her metabolism is.
In order to figure out whether our daughter's system was slow the MD we saw at the time wanted to put her on a small dosage of eurythromycin (an antibiotic) for three months, because this would speed up her system. I wasn't desperate enough at the time and I am not a big fan of anti biotics to begin with, but maybe this is something to discuss with your doctor?

Pain in the left side under her ribcage isn't a very good sign when it comes to constipation, she might be impacted again... May I ask when she uses tha bathroom for a BM? May I ask if you feel she drinks enough, especially water ( enco kids are notorious non drinkers), because the edema could be caused by impaction and not drinking enough.

Has she been tested for diabetes? Celiac disease? Both are simple blood tests and should be standard things to test in an enco kid, together with the thyroid function.

Yes, milk will not help BUT food allergies seldom have only one symptom, and if they have only one symptom it seldom is constipation. For example a milk (dairy or animal protein) allergy would most likely also have black rings around the eyes, vomiting or letargic behavior. Of course there are exeptions to any rule, so testing for allergies is wise.
If you ban milk to see if it helps, also ban yoghurt, icecream and cheese. We tried and it didn't make any difference, but you might...

Finding a pediatric gastro that you like, trust and that is willing to listen to you isn't easy. We went through 4 gastro's and found one that my daughter likes and who is willing to help us... The hospital can be top notch, but if the doctor fails to help you it isn't any good to you!

Anna (our daughter) is currently doing absolutely fine. She is off her medication, eat a high fiber diet, we force her to drink 8 glasses of water a day and still do timed sitz to make sure she poops...

Hope any of the above helps...

Karen (AKA Luka)
Yes she would get that smell even though she had not soiled on her self.
she did complain alot of her bones legs hurting, I figure growing pains. But not now.

You know I went on google to do a search on repeated fractures, and came up with a condition called OI Osteogenesis Imperfecta and it said that kids that have this get prone to constipation, and muscle weakness. She has I believe fractured her other ankle again. I took her to a wonderful specialist a few months ago, he did a mri on her ankle, she keeps respraining. But anyways she is my only child that has problems with her bones. Kids that have this have a high tolerance for pain. I didnt know if there is some sort of connection here. She is very short.
Yes she is still soiling even though on the miralax. But not as bad. But her belly seems to swell more since being on this. She goes back to the ped on Tuesday and I think I am going to tell him to give her what you recommended.
You know she was on a steroid for asthma once and she lost a few lbs and belly from being on that. Strange huh?
Her current weight is 110. Do you think she has megacolon. I know you said your daughter did, how do you know??? She was xrayed when she about 6 and they said she had about 8 lbs in her. According to her pcp.
But I will let you know what he says. Say a prayer for her.
Yes I have Blue Cross very good insurance. I will look around for other Dr. if he doesnt test her anymore.
Thanks again