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I aplogize in advance for this being so long, but:

I am at my wits end. My daughter just turned 3 years old. We have battled constipation since about 3 months or so, she was on lactulose then. Even when she was strickly breastfed she had problems. About 9 months ago we did a trial of Miralax, which helped but not a solution. It is horrible. When she poops she cries and she doesn't want to be touched. (understandably) I have tried potty training but until we can get this under control its not going to happen. I have tried to make her understand that it would be easier to sit on the toilet or squat, but she doesn't understand. I have tried all different foods and cutting foods out. Nothing seems to work.

Last thursday was really bad. wednesday had been day 3 or 4 without a bowel movement and the last time she did go it was so hard, it was about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter and about 3 inches long. (sorry so graphic) I do not understand how it came out of her poor little body. So wednesday night I gave her a suppository like my doctor instructed. No results that night, but then thursday was horrible. She ended up going like 20 times. Her little butt was raw and had sores from having to wipe her so much. I thought maybe she had a virus or something but no other symptoms. I was scared she might have an impaction because for the most part that day her stool was soft and loose. Then friday she only went a few times, but now she hasn't been since saturday morning. which was hard again.

The only thing I have found that works is No Bake Cookies. I have no idea why, oatmeal alone doesn't work, so it must be something in combination.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to put her on laxatives because she is so young, but I can not stand to see her in so much pain when she goes. Plus, understandably, she doesn't eat good if she doesn't go for a few days.