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I have actually been researching encopresis and he has all the signs of that. I am going to make an appt with a Pediatric GI Dr. I would say that his bm's are dark and smelly. What is the treatment for enco that you are doing with y our daughter. Does she have trouble with it coming out also and soiling the underwear?
Thanks so much for you reply,
Mindy :)

Hi Mindy,

Once he is officially diagnosed (with an X-Ray or a barium enema) you gastro will probably suggest a clean out. This means that anything impacted in his system has to come out! This is a very messy process so it is best to start on Friday evening! Depending on the impaction you may need to give him an enema for three days (you could start that on Wednesday) and then you will give him a laxative (like Miralax) every hour for about 8 hours. This will make his poop very liquid and everything will come out eventually. I usually do the Miralax in red gatorade as it is easy to know when your child is clean: red liquid will come out!

After that he will be put on Miralax (or something like that )Milk of Magnesia or Lactulose)) for - most likely - a couple of month. This sort of depends on how serious the problem is, but seeing that he is 8 I suspect they will find at least a little bit of megacolon (this simply means the colon has been stretched). The colon needs to shrink back to its normal size and this make take up to three years. Teh longer the problem has been serious, the longer it will take to heal.

In my daughter's case it took about 2 years.

It took us a long time to get her properly diagnosed as we lived in a country with no health care at the time and I thought she was just being lazy. Once I realized she actually did not feel her poop coming out, nor smell herself, I knew we had a serious problem. So we got ourselves to the US to find a good doctor. I shopped around till I found someone my daughter liked (this person will be poking around in his belly and his bottom, so it is important your son likes his daughter. I also insisted everyone who ever treated my daughter to explain the problem in such a way that she could understand it as well.

Right now (she is 9) she is doing more or less ok. Has an accidents maybe once every three days, mostly at home (thank god for that, as having accidents in school was no fun!!). She receives an enema if she ever has a poop accident three days in a row. I do not want her to get impacted again. Ever.

Once you get this all sorted out, it might also be very important to talk to his teacher and to the principal of the school. It is very important that all understand that your child does not do this to make a point, or to be rude or whatever. It is a very embarresing problem and a very private one.
The hardest think will be to convince yourself that he does not do this on purpose. That he does not feel his poop come out. That he does not small his own poop and that he never will be able to answer "why are you doing this".

Oh, we also used a therapist who specializes in enco for our daughter. She needed someone who could help her deal with all the emotional and social stuff that comes with this problem.

Does you son have any other sensory issues? I am asking because many enco kids also have trouble keeping their face clear, do not mind dirty clothes or tangly hair. Some bite their nails or chew on their sleeves. Most have terrible handwriting.

Sorry for the long story. Please feel free to ask any question you might have!
Hope any of the above help.