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Angela, I understand your frustration completely. I'm sorry you are going through this also, but I'm glad there is someone else who understands.

My dd's first appointmant with the ped urologist was the 12th. The PA we saw mainly deals with little girls and was great with dd. After getting a urine sample she did a bladder scan which showed her bladder was still about half full. DD doesn't feel when she needs to go until she is going & she only goes a little bit at a time.

The PA thinks she may be constipated and that is causing her bladder to not empty or her bladder not emptying is causing her to be constipated?? She wanted us to do a bowel prep & then give her Miralax every day. I have a problem believing she is constipated, she goes every day and has a large "clean-out" bm (at least I hope it is, can't believe her little body could hold more than that) at least twice a week. I don't like the idea of giving my child laxatives every day, I don't want her system to get dependent on them. Miralax has not been approved for children & is only supposed to be used for 2 weeks. I've been trying to increase her fiber intake instead of medicating her.

Also, she wants us to make sure she potties every 2 hours and keep a calendar of accidents and bm's. Going every 2 hours is fine, but her bladder still is not emptying. She does a few squirts and that is it. No she isn't wetting herself all the time now, but that isn't solving the problem.

Plus, the urine sample showed she had a UTI and she had been showing no signs or symptoms of one. She was on macrodantin for a week (love that stuff, by the way. Great for a child that HATES to take medicine...easy to sneak into chocolate milk!). DH answered when the PA called to tell us the culture had come back positive, so I called the office back & asked if I needed to make a follow-up appt with her doctor here to have another sample tested & they told me to get one only if she was still having symptoms. Hello?! So, I made an appt anyway & thankfully the infection was gone. But it makes me wonder, how many infections has she had? Is that why she has had so many unexplained fevers? This is driving me crazy!!

I want to know EXACTLY what is wrong & to fix it. Not knowing is driving me crazy! Our next appointment isn't until the day before Thanksgiving (which sucks, a 7 hour drive roundtrip not counting the appt or eating. I guess I won't be cooking much!) I'm supposed to call after a month of doing the calendar to let her know how it is going & she will schedule any tests she thinks is needed for that appt or hopefully earlier.

I hope you find a second opinion soon. Have you tried doing an internet search or checking into other cities within driving distance?