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hi there! i have to say that i have been in your exact same shoes! my dd is 7 and has fought constipation since she started eating regular food. we actually just had an endoscopy last week to see if there was anything underlying but it turned out to be gastritis and we are working with a new medication.

what i wanted to tell you is that there is a medication that is now over the counter called MIRALAX. when my dd was 2, it was a prescription but she was on it for one capful, even at the age of two. she is actually back on it again right now. maybe you could call your doctor and see about giving it to her for a while.

believe me, i understand your frustration. we have tried the high fiber diets, nutritionists, medications and it has gotten better but still exists. you really have to try anything and everything you can because otherwise potty training will be a nightmare. it was horrible for us and i hope you succeed.

good luck and please feel free to ask any questions. good luck. : )

Hi, my daughter is 5 and has also been suffering from constipation since around two years old. I agree with the other poster, try the miralax. It is safe to use and works really well. She also had an endoscopy, which was normal. When I took her to the ER once, they offered to do an x-ray but the dr. did not really feel it was necessary. I think they do the x-ray to check for obstruction but he said you would know if there was obstruction because she would have been in terrible pain. The dr.could feel by pushing on her abdomen how backed up she was. He explained to me that enemas and suppositories don't normally work because it has to be held in for 15 minutes, and children just can't do that. Even then it only gets out what is in the bottom part, not way up in the intestines so she would still be constipated.

Another thought, your dd may be scared to go because it hurts. She may be holding it in and that makes it worse.

Do try the Miralax. I don't think you should be doing enemas so much. You should check with her dr. on that.
Thanks, a lot of people have mentioned Miralax, but I haven't been able to find it. My daughters pediatrician is the one who is telling me to do the enemas. I would never be giving her enemas like this unless I was told too. I too think that it is odd, but every time I call or talk to them, that is what they say. The Dr said he would rather me do the enemas then the laxatives. I am not comfortable doing too much of either. I am afraid that if I keep pushing the issue they will run unnecessary tests. She is always telling me that her hinney hurts and sometimes points to her tummy. She also tells me that she has to sinky, she will try, but is usually unsuccessful. She has some raisin size bms sometimes, so it appears that she is trying. She pees on the potty regularly, but not stinkies. She tries sometimes, but we aren't pushing the issue and we tell her it doesn't matter where she goes right now, as long as she goes.

Thanks again for your response, she still hasn't gone today, so it looks like I may be calling the Dr tomorrow. She has has a lot of nasty smelling gas though and I have seen her try to go. She will get on all fours or curl up in a ball on her tummy when she is trying to go.
I hope you didn't think I was being harsh about the enemas, it wasn't meant to be at all!

Regarding the Miralax, have her doctor write a prescription for it. I still get my dd's through prescription even though it's over the counter now.

She may be telling you her butt hurts because it hurts to get it out. My daughter had fissures and it was very painful for her.

Does she eat fruits also? Does she drink enough water?
You may also want to consider getting a new doc, this one doesn't seem to be taking you seriously (esp since he has never mentioned Miralax which is pretty standard for consitpation). Good luck.
Back from the Drs! Once we got there I discovered a tick on Gracie's head. So they took care of that while we were there. The Dr said that Gracie has a few golf ball size poops up her butt. (OK, that looks funny typed out) Yes, they did a rectal exam to figure that out. I need to do 1 enema a day for 3 days to clear out the hard stuff. I need to give her Miralax (2 tsp) once a day for up to 6 months. The Miralax will soften her stools and help her become regular. The Dr said we may need to adjust it a little depending on how her bms are. The Dr said we need to come back every 2 weeks for check ups to monitor Gracie's progress. She said to back off on the potty training until Grace become regular. She really wants to stinky on the potty so I really think that this is going to help with all that. I was very pleased with the appointment and the Dr promised me that we will cure my little girl.
hi again and i'm glad the doctor went well. personally, i think the enemas are a little much for her age and i know we did suppositories with my dd at that age and she is 7 now and still remembers it. it caused quite a vicious cycle of her being afraid to eat/holding the bowels/bm's would be huge and hurt/she would hold again.

i wish i could tell you how to make it better but i really do believe that the miralax is a good starting place. my dd has had the abdominal x-rays like you mentioned but it did not show a blockage. we actually just had an endoscopy and i am hoping things get better.

also, try as hard as you can to sneak things into her diet to help. i would make milkshakes and sneak prune juice in there, fig newtons (which they think they're getting a treat) and tried to stay away from all of the binding foods like bananas, mac & cheese, dairy, etc. i know it is hard but you have to do whatever you can while she is still young to try to break the cycle. good luck and please write if you have more questions. also, congrats on the new baby! : )

I am unfortunately very familiar with this problem. For as long as I can remember my son has had bowel issues. He has had bad constipation beginning when he was small and I remember using infant suppositories and oil and water based inemas that had real tiny tubes for small children. The worst was as he got older and we had to use the larger inemas with saline to try to flush him out after using oil to help get out the large and packed stool. You could see the stool there but it wouldn't come till it was completely greased up. He would cry when he saw the enema stuff but we knew no other way. It was us or the doctor so we would try to be as gentle as possible and talk him through it. I didn't want to traumatize him and was worried because my mom who was sexually abused as a child felt it was wrong but nothing else would work. We tried diet changes and prune juice and all kinds of things. After a while into the problem we were finally given miralax which he still takes(he is now 8 years old!). I was just sure for a while that it would be related to his birth. I haven't said that he was born with a ruptured intestine(meconium perionitis), but he only lost about 5 cm of the small intestine and the iliocecal valve or ilium.

We just returned to the gastroenterologist yesterday and discussed what if anything was left to look at. My problem with this whole thing is they tell us to air on the thin side and has him dosed at two capfuls a day of miralax but then he seems to lose any control and is runny which makes it impossible to try to make him responsible for getting on the potty. He isn't potty trained though he can pee in the potty with no trouble but with this problem half of the time he gets lazy and just goes in his pull up. I have had him in underwear and it helps a little but he still gets packed up and what does come out is hard and crusty and he of course cleans himself but we still deal with the same issues. There is still messes in the underwear and I got sick of that so reverted to pull ups again so we could have a little less mess and trouble. With this last appt. we ordered an mri to look for a tethered spinal chord where the little hairs or whatever it is that causes the paristalsis that moves the poop down and out could be pinned down somehow and causing problems. Because of the lack of awareness or sensation he seems to have and because this has been a problem so long we talked about something called nitro paste. Did some blood work to check for food allergies and to check Vitamin B12 which I guess can affect things in some way. I forget how. We agreed to go a child psychiatrist to get help on anything that could be abating this whole problem like anxiety or ocd(which his dad and grandfather have). We will see.

As far as the runny poop I know that the loose stuff does and is going around the packed stool. It took me a long time to figure this out because I would think he was all cleaned out because some stool would break off and come with the liquidy stuff but then a little later all of a sudden he was cramping from gas and stiffening up because the stool was so large that he was afraid to let it out and it hurt to do so. It was always amazing to me to see how much could be up inside of such a little child.

I could go on but I won't. If any of you have similar problems or just need someone to talk to about this. It can be a very lonely and difficult thing to deal with especially as your child gets older.

By the way I have used flax oil and mineral as well as caster oil descised in my sons food at times. It has helped but it doesn't fix the problem. It might help more if you have a small child that hasn't had a history of constipation to be able to build up the fear of going to the bathroom.
Miralax! My daughter has been on it for 4 years. It has helped a little, but sometimes counseling (so they say), is the answer for children who have a fear of going, because it hurts. Hope it works out