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Frequently kids who have spasticity also have slow motility in their bowels and you are right, constipations is a HUGE issue! Have the doctors done any xrays or ultrasounds to see if he is backed up? Does your son do any weight bearing throughout the day? This will often help the bowels to mover more regularly. Also now that Miralax is available over the counter, you might try that.

Poor baby, I really feel for him and you!

[COLOR="Navy"]I would try Miralax also. It is sold over the counter at Target, walmart and at Costco(best price). I take it because of the pain meds I take are so consitpating. Tha being said....

Personally if this were my child and this were the response I was getting from the pediatrician, I would be shopping for another doctor now. You pay this man to treat your child, to help him and to take care of your child....not to say " oh well". If your gut is telling you something is wrong with your baby, then some thing is wrong. Ask your neighbors, friends, co-works who they use for a doctor. Find someone else. I personally would be changing doctors. If you don't want to change docs, ask for a referral to a pediatric gastro. doc., but get your little one seen by someone who specializes in intestinal problems of children.

You said that your child already has issues. Don't add to them. Call the local hospital and ask who their pediatrical gastroenterologist is. It sounds like your little one needs to see a specilist.

Good luck...