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Thanks for responding. We actually just got back from the appointment with the Ped GI a little while ago. I had to reschedule my original one. He wants to do a colonoscopy. My husband is NOT going to like that news. I haven't even told him yet. This doc thinks it's polyps. He said it's the most common reason at this age (he turned 5 in july). He also said that once you go in and get rid of them they don't come back. The only way to KNOW FOR SURE if that is what is going on is to get the colonoscopy. I haven't made that appt yet. I'm waiting to talk to his dad later.

He didn't have blood in his pee...he just thought he did because the drops of blood that hit the water after his bm turned it pink.

Sounds horrible what you went through with your son. I have 3 of them and can't even think about a life threatening illness. I'm known as an emotional whimp in our family. I have zero control over my emotions when things are scary.

I've been giving him the miralax since the last incident of blood...I thought the doctor might be right and maybe his poop was too hard & it was hurting him internally so until I saw this GI doc I decided it couldn't hurt to give it to him. This doctor wants me to keep giving it to him until the next appt.

I'll let you know when we set that appt. thanks for responding. Sam