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Kids! I swear they all are probably constipated up to their eyeballs and it is difficult for parents to get a handle on it. Two of my granddaughters have always had constipation troubles...and pediatrician ordered Miralax and that has been a very good thing! It used to be by prescription but now you can buy it almost anywhere. It is a new type of Laxative and it is very gentle and works in a very different way...just follow the directions on the bottle. You mix the stuff in water or juice or anything. So now when they start complaining of not feeling good/tummy aches she starts the Miralax. One granddaughter is now a teenager and won't discuss this issue but the signs are there...she starts picking at her food(no room with all that pushing back) and f course the tummy ache. It works so well I give it to my husband who has also had some serious bowel troubles(IBS) and now is so much more regular. It takes time to work so it isn't like instant(esp.if they are already constipated) and but when you give it regularly it works like a charm. So that is my only suggestion for you.