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My daughter has been on Miralax for 4 1/2 years with little benefit. She has been leaking in her underwear the entire timee except for about 3 months when she apparently got over it. We went back to 1/2 a capful from a full capful. The specialist hasn't been any help. He says it takes time to get over this. Anyone else had this same issue? Also, I hear flax oil works? We are getting a DRE and blood work. Does this sound consistent with what others have done? Last question---Has anyone considered there problem might be Ciliac disease (Gluton intolerance)?, or Lactose intolerance? Help!
yes flax oil does work with lubricating the stuff moving through. :)
also, i'm not sure if it was a good idea to put your daughter on miralax for so long unless it's the doctors orders...but even so... eeek. that causes dependancy and a weak colon.
just a bit of advice, hope it helps a little
No Miralax does not cause dependency nor a weak colon. It isn't a stimulant, it just makes poop soft. It is safe to use for a long as a child needs it (my daughter was on it for 5 years).
I would visit a pediatric gastro and have your daughter tested for celiac, thyroid functions, diabetes, lactose intolerance etc. Better to exclude all that as the cause of the problem.
It does take time, depending on what the diagnosis is (megacolon?).
But it seems like just taking Miralax isn't helping your daughter enough...

Mmmmmm.....Miralax is still a DRUG so I wouldn't consider it safe. You need to be careful when taking any drug. Her problem is probably something that she is eating, something that her body is sensitive to. There is a root, a cause for every problem and taking a laxative won't ever solve the problem. After having your child on this drug for several years who knows what damage it has done. You can look up other people's stories about making the colon weak, perhaps it is a side effect that is not listed. The drug companies do not know exactly how all drugs will effect everyone, and sometimes they don't list all side effects. Laxatives contain harsh chemicals. I think this is a great time to turn to your child's diet. Seek a holistic or naturopathic doctor or some sort of doctor that will listen to what your child eats and is able to analyze it, or just do it yourself. I found if I do not really watch what my daughter eats she can easily become chronically constipated. Sometimes it is so simple, but people overlook the diet as the source of the problem.
Hi Alex,

Yes a good diet is a beautiful and necessary thing BUT there are children on this planet who have medical issues that cannot be solved with a diet alone. Some of these issues are constipation related (kids that have a reverse reflex, kids born with Hirshorns, kids with CP etc) and therefore the body needs medication to give it time to heal. Of all the laxatives your doctor could prescribe (and Miralax you can now buy without a prescription) Miralax is the mildest because it does not stimulate the colon, it doesn't contract any muscles, it simply adds water from the body to the poop, to make it soft enough to come out quicker, so that the bodies (mostly the colons) of these kids get time to heal. This can take 6 months, or 6 years.
Once everything has healed, for some of these kids a good diet alone will help, but not for all...

My son has Cystic Fibrosis and tends to have issues more with loose stools, but when we switched to whole milk, he had some major constipation issues. In that case, the doctor recommended using Milk of Mag for a few days to get things moving, him cleaned out and discussed using other methods should the issue persist.

In his case that's all it took; however, I know of several other parents of children with CF whose children are on maintenance dosages of miralax because of bowel issues. Miralax, like milk of mag works differently than stimulant laxatives as it takes water out of the tissues in the intestines to help get things moving again.