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My doctor just told me to give my daughter a whole bottle of miralax mixed with 64 oz of water and drink it all within a day. Is this safe.
Doesn't sound right to me, but none the less, Miralax is a DRUG. It gas chemicals in it, so I would really try to help the child naturally through monitoing of the diet and making sure the child is drinking plenty of water. Believe me, it is not easy. My daughter is chronically constipated and I can easily take her in and get her on something, however, I chose to watch her diet, etc. and it worked. It takes time and reading to figure out which foods are the culrpit. I know when my daughter is constipated now it is my fault for not watching closely enough.
Hmm, I would mix 2 tablespoons in 4oz of a nicely colored fluid and give that once an hour for 8 hours. The nicely colored fluid is important because you are probably doing this to clean your daughter out. Once she poops the same color as the fluids she drinks, you are done... If this isn't after 8 hours, give her the same amount every 30 minutes. No eating during treatment. And my advise is also to make sure you have a whole weekend to do this (at home!) because she is going to be able to reach a toilet in seconds, once the starts pooping...
It is perfectly safe, and it can take more than 12 hours to get to the all clean.
If your daughter is severly constipated though, you may want to start with giving her a children's enema two days before you do the Miralax treatment and a day before the Miralax treatment. Because if poop is stuck at the exit (pardon my language), the Miralax is just going to give her stomach cramps...
Hope this helps at all.
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My doctor just told me to give my daughter a whole bottle of miralax mixed with 64 oz of water and drink it all within a day. Is this safe.
A normal, adult dosage of miralax is taking 17 grams in 8 oz of fluid daily. If the doctor thinks it's safe, try someone else. First of all, miralax hasn't yet been proven "safe" for children. Secondly, it sounds like an overdose, especially if your daughter drinks to much too handle.

It would be an overdose if she had to drink this day in day out, but not if used for a so called clean out. The purpose of the double dosage of the powder in half the dosage of fluids is to cause diarrhea and to allow the intestines and the colon the clean out completely in a short amount of time (anywhere between 8 and 12 hours). This is especially useful when treating a condition called mega colon.
I know plenty of encopresis kids who have used Miralax without ANY trouble for really long periods of time, my daughter was on it for 5 years and had lots of trouble with all kinds of other laxatives, but never with Miralax.