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I don't smoke. I am under the same amount of stress I am always under, possibly less (I own a business, have kids, etc). I drink water constantly and the weight loss figures aren't coming from my scale, but from the doctor offices. Also I'm down two pant sizes so I am positive that I have lost that amount. Not complaining about it (I'm a woman!) but obviously with the abdominal pain this is a symptom and it's a concern.

I am currently 130lbs, 5'4". I had tried on and off the past 8 yrs to lose the weight but it's been a long time since I put any effort into it. Prior to 8 yrs ago (birth of my 3rd son) I was 120lbs and under my entire life. This is why I'm wondering if something kicked my metabolism in.

I think they thought I was constipated so I take fiber 3x/day, miralax (mild laxative) every other day and they put me on Levbid. My stools are not hard at all.
I had a colonoscopy 2 yrs ago for similar symptoms and I did not have diverticulitis, not that it means I couldn't have developed it. 2 yrs ago it was more a tearing/burning feeling in my lower abdomen and it left after steroid treatment. Now it's just a sharp pain which doubles me over. I forgot to say that about 5 months ago I had rectal bleeding (bright red, lots of it) for about two weeks. My gastro finally got me in (I was done bleeding) and didn't test for anything. I had no pain at the time and he told me to come back when I did. I went to a different gastro when the pain started 3 months ago, although they all seem the same - pretty indifferent at the amount of pain I am in.

I have been eating pretty normal the last week and determined food does not cause the pain, but when I have to have a bowel movement I have pain in my abdomen. Best described last Thursday as jagged glass moving through my left and right side. I am having a problem with constipation, not hard stools (at all) but just not going. My stools are soft but I am unable to go a decent amount since last Thursday (Saturday I produced a small size, soft stool). My husband thinks it's colon cancer and I do not since I had that colonoscopy 2 yrs ago. My GP took blood to test for tumor markers on Monday but said it is not reliable. I don't see my gastro until Jan 14th for the colonoscopy.. time seems to be crawling.

On top of the miralax and benefiber I took two laxatives last night. I hadn't tried them before. I woke up with bad cramping (like diarrhea cramping) at 2am, but I had yet to produce anything.