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My daughter is the same age. Last August she saw a gastroenterologist who diagnosed her (only through questioning,not testing) with acid reflux. She put her on Zantac, which seemed to help a little, then stopped working. The doctor ordered an x-ray which showed that my daughter was extremely constipated. I mean she was totally full of poop!! She never showed any signs of constipation,,,no hard time going, and she seemed to go often enough. She complained of belly aches constantly, and I started to think it was nerves, also. Now she's on Miralax daily, and she's perfectly fine.
I finally pushed with her pedi to have a lactose breath test. The pedi swore she was lactose intolerant through just withdrawing her from it and SHE SAID her belly aches went away.

I told them that she is pretty smart, and that I cant take her word for it. They agreed and off we went.

The test was brutal, it was 3 hours long, no food, just sit there and breath into this bag every 1/2 hour. The brutal part was the boredom. No TV in the waiting room, we couldnt go anywhere, she started to lose it around hour 2. I thought they would just give me the results and we could go home. But NOOOO. We had to meet with everyone. I told them about her being a reflux baby, these chronic belly aches but that I wasnt sure if they were real or not. So they did a rectal, no blood (she always had blood as a baby) but she had a very hard BM in her. So they sent her to xray.

XRay came back and showed she was packed with 4 days worth of an adult size poop. When the dr was feeling around, he noticed her breath was very acidy, so i explained that she didnt brush her teeth yet that day and he said no, this is acid. I told him, she was a reflux baby, but we stopped on prescription meds at age 3 cause they didnt work as well as we wanted. We were giving her just about 1-2 tums a day, sometimes it worked sometimes didnt. So they want to scope her again to see if there is any additional damage done since her last scope ion 2004.

They did a bunch of blood tests, they mentioned chrones and celiac.

Scope isnt until july 21, so we are on huge doses on miralax and prevasid until then.

THank you for all you support and suggestions, i hope everything is clean in her gi tract.