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If she is severely constipated, docsate is not going to do much, except maybe cause stomach cramps.
Docsate stimulates the bowels, but if something is plugging the exit so to speak (a very big poop for example) it isn't going to help. If your daughter is willing, you could try a babylax enema, to see if some of the poop will come out, and once some is out, the docsate will be much more effective.
Also, try and use docsate only for a limited time, because it is a stimulant, it will eventually make bowels "lazy". Maybe ask for Miralax instead (that will make the poop softer by adding water from the bowel to the poop).

In the mean time push any fluids. ANY. Prune juice is excellent, but any juice or water will help. Try to not give too much milk.

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My child has suffered with chronic constipation since she was 2 - she is now 4.5. We are currently using Miralax (you can buy it at Walmart now) and its worked wonders. I started her out with 1/2 capful in 8 oz of liquid a day and now we use it every other day. I feed her lots of watery fruits like watermelon and mandrian oranges. Also, when she does drink milk I buy whole milk and make it half and half with water. I have also found that using straws helps her to drink more - I bought her those funny shaped twisted and swirled straws and she loves to drink from them.

good luck!
Is she potty trained or are you in the process of trying to do so? Could be she's being a poop holder. We went thru this with DS -- he began associating stooling with pain, so he'd hold it in, which made things worse. We eventually got thru it by using milk of mag because it wasn't THAT severe of an issue; however, I do know of several parents who've had to resort to using miralax instead.
My granddaughters have always had problems...Children's Hospital put them on daily Miralax before it was over the counter and it was a miracle. The kids eat/love raw fruits and veggies but the bowel problems seem to be a whole different need....probably heredity. Now that is over the counter I give it to my husband every evening which has been great so he doesn't suffer so much.
Milk of Mag(Magnesia) is a liquid over the counter laxative with similar properties to miralax -- it draws water out of the colon (large) intestine to hydrate the contents (poo) and get things moving again. Because we learned to know his symptoms, we'd usually nip it in the bud -- put him on milk of mag for a few days to get things moving again, back to normal. But I know of a couple of parents with children where it's an ongoing problem and the doctor has their children on daily maintenance dosages of miralax.

With DS, the first time he used his potty chair, he was horrified that something like that came out of him, so he'd refuse to go -- hold things in, which backed things up in his colon until he couldn't hold it anymore -- then he'd get large, hard stools which would cause him pain, so he didn't like that and would continued to hold it. Associated stooling with pain/discomfort/mess.
If your little one will not drink prune juice...try to give her whole prunes...they seem to be a bit sweeter. A lot of doctors recommend Miralax, but I have found it does not work on my daughter. I can give it to her 2 times a day, but it really does nothing more than cause a little leakage...YUCK!!
Whole prunes work wonders. It does cause a bit of gas, but I think I would rather deal with gassiness than my child having pain when having a bm.
I also feed a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. Water is a great as well. The more water the less dry her "poop" is. My daughter is older than yours, but novelty cups work wonders when getting her to drink water. I have bought her a dog cup...the tail is a straw. She has to drink 4 "dogs" a day...

Good Luck with your LO...I hope her issues clear up without having to resort to medication.